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About MPYD

Since its founding in 1981 as a one-man design firm specializing in high-speed boats, Michael Peters Yacht Design has set the standards for style, performance and quality. The company’s philosophy is based on Michael Peters’ fundamental belief that all design should exemplify the fusion of art and science.

The intense competition of international racing demands measurable, quantifiable performance that allows no loss of focus or deviation from the goal. While it was raceboats that first brought Michael Peters onto the international stage, these same exacting standards apply to the performance and aesthetic criteria that drive the design of every boat that bears the name of Michael Peters Yacht Design.

With degrees in naval architecture, marine engineering and yacht design, the MPYD team melds advanced technology and engineering with the purest art form of clean, efficient design. The industry has recognized the firm’s work repeatedly with numerous awards and trophies. Throughout the last 40 years, over 40,000 boats have been built to the more than 500 designs produced by MPYD.

Some firms excel at style, others performance. Michael Peters Yacht Design enjoys the unique ability to standout in both.

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Our History

Our History

Mike spent his summers at Campus by the Sea, on Catalina Island. Shown here with a Black Sea Bass at age 14

Begins drawing boats.

Builds his first powerboat, a 15’ plywood skiff named ‘Desiree’.

Becomes caretaker at Campus By the Sea, designs and builds 14’ workboat ‘Squaw’ for Avalon commercial dive operation.

Presents ‘Internally Vented Continuous Chine Stepped Hull’ design to USC School of Architecture as final project. Drops out of USC after third year to pursue hull design patent.

Builds his first 19’ stepped hull prototype ‘Maelstrom’.

Begins working as a naval architect at Halter Marine in New Orleans. Projects include: Sportfish boats, Surface Effect ships, Patrol boats and Cigarette boats.

U.S. and Foreign Patents awarded for “Internally Vented Continuous Chine Stepped hull”

October 1, 1981 Michael Peters establishes Maelstrom Marine Design, Inc. in Sarasota, Florida.

First Maelstrom offshore racing catamaran ‘Innovation’ sets world record at 131 mph.

Maelstrom 41 ‘Apache’ wins 1986 US1 National Offshore Racing Championship.

Michael Peters receives 1990 Kiekhaefer Award for ‘Innovation in Offshore Racing’.

41’ CUV ‘Fresh & Clean’ wins 1991 UIM Class I Offshore World Championship, the first MPYD World Championship.

39’ Tencara ‘Iceberg’ built using advanced Carbon/Epoxy composite technology.

MPYD & acclaimed "visual futurist" Syd Mead created the 125’ ‘Difinitive”, a concept design for Tencara in Italy. Difinitive heralded a new age in superyacht design, forecasting emerging trends and technologies.

117’ MY ‘Lady Tiffany’ wins Showboats Award.

MPYD Designs the award winning 33’ Van Dam ‘Alpha Z’.

71’ ‘Plumduff’ wins Showboats Award.

43’ Tenara ‘Callan Marine’ posts 209 mph, becoming the first offshore boat in history to break the 200mph barrier.

84’ ‘Jariya’ wins International Superyacht Design Award.

MPYD Designs Cheoy Lee ‘Alpha’ series, awarded with 2012 World Yachts Award.

U.S. patents awarded for ‘Stepped ‘V’ Ventilated Tunnel’ (SVVT) hull.

MPYD awarded contract to design 61’ U.S. Navy Combatant Craft Medium (CCM).

41’ ‘Victory Team’ wins 2016 UIM Class I World Championship –the 20th World Championship win for MPYD designs.

Our Mission

While MPYD raceboats have made history and have established a worldwide reputation for Michael Peters Yacht Design, the company’s philosophy—to improve the performance and efficiency of every boat—permeates every project in the portfolio. Every custom yacht and series production boat has been designed to outperform its predecessor and to push the limits of engineering, style and function. Regardless of the boat’s purpose, each carries the same high quality standards that define Michael Peters Yacht Design.

Michael Peters Yacht Design

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