Design Philosophy



The underlying essence —
  From concept to completion, the well-defined MPYD philosophy permeates the process of creating a new design. No matter the type of vessel, the underlying elements remain the same. At the core is a thoughtful, methodical approach that centers around clean, accurate design showcasing simple yet beautiful elements and efficient, functional systems.

Listen to the client —
   Since 1981, over 30,000 boats have been built to the more than 350 designs produced by Michael Peters Yacht Design. Surprisingly, it has been said that an MPYD design has no definitive visual signature. This in itself is a remarkable achievement.

Each MPYD client has his own individual taste, requirements, and unique ideas. So to achieve a successful result, the MPYD team listens to their clients. Intently.

"We bring our design approach—clean, efficient, balanced elements combined with tightly engineered strengths and performance,” explains Michael Peters. “Then, we listen…communicate…listen again. Next, we present design concepts that clearly allow our client’s boat to emerge, to come to life. After all, we're not designing our boat; we’re designing our client's boat."

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